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             Featuring a variety of unique hand made artworks, appropriate for honouring our courageous front line workers

            who selflessly and tirelessly provide our essential needs and keep us safe. Also suitable for celebrating special occasions             and demonstrating our love and affection to those who are dear to us. 

Artworks currently available are an assortment of wooden hearts, suitable for indoors and outdoors, with 

custom creations also available, as well as Sterling Silver and Porcelain creations. Please call for details.


          Wooden Heart Gallery 1               




                                      12" x 18 " with votive  45.00                                  6 " natural on 10" x 1 1/2" slab     45.00  



                                4" natural edge on 10 " slab      45.00                                          10" natural edge 35.00



                                12" raised with gold trim on 2" slab  130.00                 Cedar planter, stained, complete with

                                                                                                                 landscape cloth and drain holes 24" x 8" x 8" 150.00



                          Assorted bouquet on stakes starting at 120.00             Welded stems and wood hearts

                                                                                                                    (red/yellow) 16" x 60"    150.00 


                                Welded stems and wood hearts                         Welded stems and wood hearts (shorter)

                                 (yellow/red) 16" x 60"    150.00         (red /yellow, yellow/red or all yellow or red)   150.00




                                                                                    12", with raised edge on 2" slab,

                                                                       3" centre insert, welded steel stems, w/4" " buds"

                                                                  cw/inserts, and 4" x 12" base (removable)      300.00    

                                                                                    Overall dimensions, 24" x 48 "


                                         GALLERY 2

Special Projects